Q: Where can I download the latest version?
Answer: Login to your IC Online account by:
2. Click the "Login to IC Online v5" button, on the top-right of the page
3. Go to Help -> Downloads to access the latest software releases

Q: It's after-hours, who can I call to get support?
Answer: Our normal business hours are Mon - Fri 8:00AM MST - 5:00PM MST. If you require support outside of this time-frame please call our Switchboard and After-Hours Support Line  (877)747-2447 

Q: My handheld won't synchronize, what should I do?
Answer: There are many reasons this can happen.  Start by checking these:
- Is your handheld connected to your network (Either via ActiveSync, Windows Mobile Device Center or a Wireless Network)?
- Does your network allow for communication with infochip2.com?
- Open an Internet browser on your PC or Laptop and go to www.infochip2.com it should display the following message
    "This is the homepage for www.infochip2.com. If you've reached this page you should use www.infochip.com instead."

If your handheld still won't synchronize submit a support request via support@infochip.com