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posted Mar 16, 2012, 12:49 PM by Christian Loew   [ updated Mar 16, 2012, 1:40 PM by Chris Gelowitz ]

We're enhancing your IC Online experience with updated terminology and names for a few things.  Thank you to all our customers who have given feedback on our terminology.  Because we serve such a wide range and depth of customers, we're doing this to make it easier for everyone to understand the IC Online terminology, and to bring it in line with common e-forms terminology.  Here is a list of upcoming changes:


"Items" being renamed "Assets"

     An Asset specifically refers to an individual piece of equipment stored in your database.  We think it's more clear what an Asset is than what an Item is.

"Operations" being renamed "Forms"

     Forms is more common terminology for filling in and recording data about an inspection, certification, or preventative maintenance on an asset.  If someone is doing an inspection, usually they are filling in Fields in an inspection form.  Many customers will find that "Completing a Form" is more familiar and appealing terminology than "Completing an Operation".


"Tasks" being renamed "Form Fields" (or just "Fields")

     Form Fields (or more simply Fields) are the empty spaces where you can record data in a Form.  Some people call them "Controls" when talking about electronic forms.  We used to call them Tasks.  Form Field Types include TextBoxes, CheckBoxes, DropDowns, DateTimePickers, etc..  When you are building your forms you can choose what Field Type is used for any specific Field so that you ensure the user is entering the correct type of data in the correct Field.

"Completed Operations" being renamed "Completed Work"

     "Completed Work" seems like a better, more easily understandable place to go to see your recorded work history.  The "Completed Work" section of IC Online will have a listing of all the "Completed Forms" that have been filled. 

"Operation Results" being renamed "Completed Forms"

     This one is easy.  If an Operation is now called a Form, then it follows that a Completed Operation is now called a "Completed Form".

"Perform an Operation" being renamed to "Complete a Form"

     Another easy one.  It seems to make more sense to "Complete a Form" than it does to "Perform an Operation".  We hope you agree!

We hope you like these changes.  Please feel free to tell us what you think, as we always welcome and value your feedback.  In fact, customer feedback from valued customers is exactly why we are making these changes!