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IC Online Change Log for Build 5.1.39

posted Mar 16, 2012, 12:35 PM by Christian Loew   [ updated Mar 16, 2012, 12:41 PM ]

Change: Attachments - Added support for more file types (most image & office doc types).

Enhancement: Item Search Page - Item Export button wasn't always visible where it should be.

Enhancement: Kits Functionality - various fixes and changes.

Enhancement: Item Modify Page - Couldn't view details of an Item with Child Items.

Change:   Item Overview Page - Had no ability to delete Comp. Ops when using Delete button.

Enhancement: Admin/Maint->Customers->Client Care - Upgraded to new File Upload Control.

Enhance:Scheduled Ops Page - Added default Filters and made grid sortable.

Enhancement: Tab Contols - Will remember selected Tab when navigating between pages.

Enhancement: Search Filter Dialog (IE8 & Previous) - Sizing problem resolved.

Change:   Dashboard/Quick Search - Shows proper message with no page load if Work Order doesn't exist.

Enhance: Completed Ops Page - Added Inspection Instruction to Search Filter.

Enhancement: Item Overview Page/Completed Ops tab - More consistant behaviour hiding Completed Ops when Item and/or Completed Ops are deleted.

Enhancement: Item Overview Page - Redirect now working when navigating away to "Complete Adhoc" entry screen, and coming back to Item Overview.

Enhancement: Item History - Included some new fields to Item History save.

Enhancement: Location Maintenance Page - Plus signs next to nodes now display properly.

Change: Completed Ops/Redundant UTI's - Stopped processing for CustRefnums and limited to Refnums.

Enhancement: Item Search Page - Generate Item Export now displays attribs used mutliple times correctly.

Enhancement: Completed Ops/Refnum Summary Page - Deleted Comp. Ops no longer figure into totals.

Enhancement: Completed Ops Page - Added Refnum & Custrefnum filters.

Enhancement: Scheduled Ops Page - Messagebox now displays correctly.

Enhancement: Item Edit Page - Change ChipID now removes ChipIDs without error.

Enhancement: Location Maint Page - Fixed "Wait" wheel, and defaulted first node to be selected properly.

Enhancement: Item Search Page - The Search Filter Dialog can use the enter key to "Search".

Enhance:Completed Ops Entry Page - Set some defaults, and SortOrder 0 will cause that element to be default.

Enhance:Periodic Insp/Cert Page - Upgraded to new Search Filter Dialog.

Enhancement: Completed Ops Page - Upload button on Attachment tab now behaving consistantly.

Enhance:Location Maint Page - USELOCATIONMAP module added with appropriate fields.

Enhance:Login Page - Added "Forgot Password" functionality (must have valid Email address saved in Customer Maintenance Page).