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IC Online Change Log for Build 5.2.3

posted Sep 6, 2012, 1:39 PM by Christian Loew

Version 5.2.3 Published July 31/2012

·       Enhancement - Asset Edit Page - Assets that had Attributes with blank DropDown Lists now save correctly.

·       Enhancement - Search Dialogs - You can now reset the values in the Search Dialog from within the Search Dialog window (saves going back one screen to do it).

·       Enhancement - Asset Edit Page - Added a Delete button with Completed Op Forms Delete confirmation for consistency with Asset Overview page (Status DDL still available).

·       New - Customer Maintenance Page - Ability to Unlock a Locked Customer added for Admin users.

·       Enhancement - PickList - CustRefNum now required if Client has the module set for Rent Out/In, Bulk UTI, Click & Pass, etc.

·       Enhancement - Asset Edit - Category DDL no longer becomes enabled which resulted in an error if you tried to change it (Category Changes not allowed due to ItemAtts conflicts).

·       Enhancement - Completed Work - Corrected Date label on Search Dialog

·       Enhancement - Asset Edit - Client_User role now able to change Asset Status

·       Enhancement - Asset Import Screen - Corrected some sizing and layout issues

·       Enhancement - Category Maint - Issue with Exporting Categories (File/Folder permissions) reset

·       Enhancement - Attribute Prefills - Corrected issues with Editing vs. Creating new

·       Enhancement - Attribute Maintenance - Streamlined some layout and sizing issues, added Sort Order auto increment, other minor enhancements.