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IC Online Change Log for Build 5.2.2

posted Sep 6, 2012, 1:35 PM by Christian Loew

Version 5.2.2 Published July 25/2012

·       Enhancement - Cert/Insp Status tab on the Asset Overview page will now show All Cert or Insp Forms if there is no Default Form specified by Category.

·       New - Asset menu has option to jump directly to the PickList, and on the Asset Search Page the “PickList Action” button now opens with one click and closes with one click (no more hover actions).

·       New - Admin/Maint -> Form Fields - Added paging so make navigation easier/more consistent.

·       New - Category Modify Page - Button added if you have an Attribute selected to navigate directly to the Attribute Modify Page if the Attribute Type is “DropDown”.

·       Enhancement - Asset# and ChipID Filters (Asset Search, Completed Work Search) You can now use a semicolon to delimit a list, as well as a comma, or you can paste in a Carriage Return delimited list from Notepad, etc.

·       Enhancement - Completed Work Details - Now displays the ReaderID that recorded it. Also you can now Delete a Completed Work Detail (click “Edit”, then click “Delete”).

·       Enhancement - Admin/Maint -> Customer Modify Page - Various appearance and behaviour issues improved.

·       Change - Removed the old Crystal Reports from the Reports menus leaving only the new SSRS Reports.

·       New - Completing a Form - Choosing a “Completed By” Employee other than the one logged in now prompts for a password before allowing save.

·       New - PickList - Added a menu item below “Assets” that allows direct navigation to your PickList from anywhere in the app.

·       Enhancement - Main Menu - You can now click anywhere horizontally adjacent to a menu item to select it rather than right on the words of the menu item.