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IC Online Change Log for Build 5.2.1

posted Sep 6, 2012, 1:34 PM by Christian Loew

Version 5.2.1 Published June 06/2012

·        Enhancement: Scheduled Work page – Completing a work order now removes that row from the grid.

·        Enhancement: Completed Work page – Attachments now attach as expected and appear in the Completed Work grid.

·        Enhancement: Periodic Insp/Cert page – Navigation buttons now working correctly

·        New: Item Search Filter – When you select an attribute that has dropdown values, a combo box is displayed to allow you to pick a predefined value or type a new one.

·        New: Help menu – Added latest version of IC Online User Manual and IC Desktop User Manual to be available for download

·        Enhancement: Completed Work Details page – in attachments tab, page reloads/refreshes were causing the “select files to upload” control to disappear. It now stays in place.

·        Enhancement: New Asset/Modify Asset page – Adding a new chip ID now works first try.

·        New: Form Fields (Tasks) page – Setting Sort Order = 0 for combo boxes and dropdowns defines the default value, if another value is not selected when completing Forms (Operations) where these Fields (tasks) are defined. Deleting a Field (Task) no longer shows an error message.

·        Enhancement: Fields (tasks) modify page – grid view behaviour improved. Navigation buttons now properly refresh the grid. Behaviour of Add/Delete task was also improved.

·        New: All “Search/Filter” dialogs now allow you to specify multiple values for Asset Number and Chip ID. These values must be comma separated and exact values. Partial matches still work when searching for a single asset number or chip ID.

·        Enhancement: Category Maintenance – Removed “success” message that shows after a category is added. “New category name” textbox now clears after an insert.

·        Enhancement: Employee Maintenance – employees are now properly deleted with no exceptions/error messages

·        Enhancement: Customer Maintenance – After editing a customer, adding a new customer or modifying “my own client data” all fields are now properly cleared (they were previously persisting values).

·        New: Asset Overview page – Attachments can be added or removed without having to edit the item.

·        New: Modify Asset page – Now has a Work Order tab which functions just like the one on the Asset Overview page.

·        Enhancement: Operation Forms page – “Start with same fields (tasks) as operation” dropdown is now sorted ascending.

·        Enhancement: Improved behaviour of Combo Box data type/field. Under some circumstances not all appropriate options were being displayed or selected.

·        New: Asset Search page – Added a checkbox to the grid to allow multiple assets to be selected. Also added a button to jump straight to the edit page for a specific asset. Buttons to perform “Bulk” tasks were removed. (see New: Picklist Page item for more info)

·        New: Picklist Page – Allows bulk actions to be performed on a custom selected list of items. Actions include Bulk Edits/Bulk Operations (including rentals)/Bulk Reports.

·        Enhancement: Improved how search/filter to manage locations containing a single quote.

·        New: Added a notes field to “Complete a Form” page for any task that is not a system task or section header.

·        New: New Asset/Modify Asset page – Added new field “Assigned To” that assigns an asset to an employee.

·        Enhancement: Asset Overview page – on the Work Orders tab if you select and close a work order it is now removed from the grid view.