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IC Online Change Log for Build 5.1.43

posted Mar 16, 2012, 12:46 PM by Christian Loew

Version 5.1.43 Published Feb 09/2012

·         New: CompletedOps page - Added a button in that allows you to merge all the PDF certificates of the operations displayed in the gridview into a one PDF file

·         Enhancement: ItemSearchPage – When you open the dialog "Update Selected Items", fixed the problem of the location dropdown that de-selected itself. Replaced that dropdown with a dropdown tree view and improved the dialog behavior.

·         Change: Error page - Modified the ("Our apologies...") to be more human readable and added buttons to copy the error message and send it to InfoChip.

·         Enhancement : Periodic Insp/Cert Scheduling Page - (Edit/Create scheduled email), fixed the Owner dropdown list to avoid showing duplicates. Also improved Owner dropdown and location and category dropdown treeviews.

·         Enhancement : Item Search Page & Completed Ops Page - Modified the gridviews to have an "Item Desc" column with a min-width of 150px to avoid displaying very tall rows because of long item descriptions

·         Enhancement : Item Modify Page - When you add a new item it will assign a unique ChipID to the item if you don't add one manually.

·         Enhancement : Item Modify Page - When you edit an item, now you can remove all the ChipIDs (no more message box saying that you have to have at least one), and add a unique ChipID automatically when you save.

·         Enhancement : Employees Maintenance Page - Added a more accurate validation for UserName. If you enter characters that are not allowed you will be notified by an error message and the row won't be saved.

·         Enhancement : Periodic Insp/Cert Scheduling Page: A blank report page will now say “No Certification” or “No Inspections” instead of being blank.