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IC Online Change Log for Build 5.1.41

posted Mar 16, 2012, 12:43 PM by Christian Loew   [ updated Mar 16, 2012, 12:50 PM ]
  • Enhancement :Download Page - Added a page called "Downloads" under "Help" menu that shows the list of all the files for AD and IC Mobile that can be downloaded (including HH instructions). The page is visible only for FullBlown clients and ICFREE. IC_FREE clients are not allowed to download AD files.
  • Enhancement :Item Modify Page - Fixed dropdown width in Item edit/add page, and in all the filters for IE8. The dropdown should expand and allow you to see the full text when it's clicked on.
  • Enhancement :Dashboard/CompOps Page - Added a new filter filed to the "QuickSearch" section of the dashboard called "Cert Ref Num". Searching for a CertRefNum will open the OpResultsPage filtered by that field and value. Clients with the module CERT_REFNUM_SEARCH will see this field. Clients that also have the DCLINTEGRATION module will enter the value in their cutom format (Example: C1-12345-2-1) but the filter will search ignoring the last part after the last dash.
  • Enhancement :Dashboard/CompOps/UTI Summary page - Load the refNums and custRefNums on a separate async task executed after the page is loaded. For users with a big list of ref nums you can see that the dropdowns are initially empty, with just a "Loading..." text.
  • Change :New Item Page - Added functionality for LEAFNODECATSONLY module. When creating an item this module forces you to choose a leaf-node category (a Category that has no sub-categories).
  • Enhancement :OpResults Entry Page - Setting item status to SCRAPPED when InspectionInstruction is set to SCRAP in the OpResultsEntryPage. Reset the cache so that the gridview will reload and hide the scrapped item.
  • Enhancement :File Upload Control - Fixed the file upload in Chrome and Firefox, before it was always giving an "HTTP Error" when you tried to upload a file in any of the pages that have the file upload control.