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IC Online Change Log for Build 5.2.3

posted Sep 6, 2012, 1:39 PM by Christian Loew

Version 5.2.3 Published July 31/2012

·       Enhancement - Asset Edit Page - Assets that had Attributes with blank DropDown Lists now save correctly.

·       Enhancement - Search Dialogs - You can now reset the values in the Search Dialog from within the Search Dialog window (saves going back one screen to do it).

·       Enhancement - Asset Edit Page - Added a Delete button with Completed Op Forms Delete confirmation for consistency with Asset Overview page (Status DDL still available).

·       New - Customer Maintenance Page - Ability to Unlock a Locked Customer added for Admin users.

·       Enhancement - PickList - CustRefNum now required if Client has the module set for Rent Out/In, Bulk UTI, Click & Pass, etc.

·       Enhancement - Asset Edit - Category DDL no longer becomes enabled which resulted in an error if you tried to change it (Category Changes not allowed due to ItemAtts conflicts).

·       Enhancement - Completed Work - Corrected Date label on Search Dialog

·       Enhancement - Asset Edit - Client_User role now able to change Asset Status

·       Enhancement - Asset Import Screen - Corrected some sizing and layout issues

·       Enhancement - Category Maint - Issue with Exporting Categories (File/Folder permissions) reset

·       Enhancement - Attribute Prefills - Corrected issues with Editing vs. Creating new

·       Enhancement - Attribute Maintenance - Streamlined some layout and sizing issues, added Sort Order auto increment, other minor enhancements.

IC Online Change Log for Build 5.2.2

posted Sep 6, 2012, 1:35 PM by Christian Loew

Version 5.2.2 Published July 25/2012

·       Enhancement - Cert/Insp Status tab on the Asset Overview page will now show All Cert or Insp Forms if there is no Default Form specified by Category.

·       New - Asset menu has option to jump directly to the PickList, and on the Asset Search Page the “PickList Action” button now opens with one click and closes with one click (no more hover actions).

·       New - Admin/Maint -> Form Fields - Added paging so make navigation easier/more consistent.

·       New - Category Modify Page - Button added if you have an Attribute selected to navigate directly to the Attribute Modify Page if the Attribute Type is “DropDown”.

·       Enhancement - Asset# and ChipID Filters (Asset Search, Completed Work Search) You can now use a semicolon to delimit a list, as well as a comma, or you can paste in a Carriage Return delimited list from Notepad, etc.

·       Enhancement - Completed Work Details - Now displays the ReaderID that recorded it. Also you can now Delete a Completed Work Detail (click “Edit”, then click “Delete”).

·       Enhancement - Admin/Maint -> Customer Modify Page - Various appearance and behaviour issues improved.

·       Change - Removed the old Crystal Reports from the Reports menus leaving only the new SSRS Reports.

·       New - Completing a Form - Choosing a “Completed By” Employee other than the one logged in now prompts for a password before allowing save.

·       New - PickList - Added a menu item below “Assets” that allows direct navigation to your PickList from anywhere in the app.

·       Enhancement - Main Menu - You can now click anywhere horizontally adjacent to a menu item to select it rather than right on the words of the menu item.

IC Online Change Log for Build 5.2.1

posted Sep 6, 2012, 1:34 PM by Christian Loew

Version 5.2.1 Published June 06/2012

·        Enhancement: Scheduled Work page – Completing a work order now removes that row from the grid.

·        Enhancement: Completed Work page – Attachments now attach as expected and appear in the Completed Work grid.

·        Enhancement: Periodic Insp/Cert page – Navigation buttons now working correctly

·        New: Item Search Filter – When you select an attribute that has dropdown values, a combo box is displayed to allow you to pick a predefined value or type a new one.

·        New: Help menu – Added latest version of IC Online User Manual and IC Desktop User Manual to be available for download

·        Enhancement: Completed Work Details page – in attachments tab, page reloads/refreshes were causing the “select files to upload” control to disappear. It now stays in place.

·        Enhancement: New Asset/Modify Asset page – Adding a new chip ID now works first try.

·        New: Form Fields (Tasks) page – Setting Sort Order = 0 for combo boxes and dropdowns defines the default value, if another value is not selected when completing Forms (Operations) where these Fields (tasks) are defined. Deleting a Field (Task) no longer shows an error message.

·        Enhancement: Fields (tasks) modify page – grid view behaviour improved. Navigation buttons now properly refresh the grid. Behaviour of Add/Delete task was also improved.

·        New: All “Search/Filter” dialogs now allow you to specify multiple values for Asset Number and Chip ID. These values must be comma separated and exact values. Partial matches still work when searching for a single asset number or chip ID.

·        Enhancement: Category Maintenance – Removed “success” message that shows after a category is added. “New category name” textbox now clears after an insert.

·        Enhancement: Employee Maintenance – employees are now properly deleted with no exceptions/error messages

·        Enhancement: Customer Maintenance – After editing a customer, adding a new customer or modifying “my own client data” all fields are now properly cleared (they were previously persisting values).

·        New: Asset Overview page – Attachments can be added or removed without having to edit the item.

·        New: Modify Asset page – Now has a Work Order tab which functions just like the one on the Asset Overview page.

·        Enhancement: Operation Forms page – “Start with same fields (tasks) as operation” dropdown is now sorted ascending.

·        Enhancement: Improved behaviour of Combo Box data type/field. Under some circumstances not all appropriate options were being displayed or selected.

·        New: Asset Search page – Added a checkbox to the grid to allow multiple assets to be selected. Also added a button to jump straight to the edit page for a specific asset. Buttons to perform “Bulk” tasks were removed. (see New: Picklist Page item for more info)

·        New: Picklist Page – Allows bulk actions to be performed on a custom selected list of items. Actions include Bulk Edits/Bulk Operations (including rentals)/Bulk Reports.

·        Enhancement: Improved how search/filter to manage locations containing a single quote.

·        New: Added a notes field to “Complete a Form” page for any task that is not a system task or section header.

·        New: New Asset/Modify Asset page – Added new field “Assigned To” that assigns an asset to an employee.

·        Enhancement: Asset Overview page – on the Work Orders tab if you select and close a work order it is now removed from the grid view.


posted Mar 16, 2012, 12:49 PM by Christian Loew   [ updated Mar 16, 2012, 1:40 PM by Chris Gelowitz ]

We're enhancing your IC Online experience with updated terminology and names for a few things.  Thank you to all our customers who have given feedback on our terminology.  Because we serve such a wide range and depth of customers, we're doing this to make it easier for everyone to understand the IC Online terminology, and to bring it in line with common e-forms terminology.  Here is a list of upcoming changes:


"Items" being renamed "Assets"

     An Asset specifically refers to an individual piece of equipment stored in your database.  We think it's more clear what an Asset is than what an Item is.

"Operations" being renamed "Forms"

     Forms is more common terminology for filling in and recording data about an inspection, certification, or preventative maintenance on an asset.  If someone is doing an inspection, usually they are filling in Fields in an inspection form.  Many customers will find that "Completing a Form" is more familiar and appealing terminology than "Completing an Operation".


"Tasks" being renamed "Form Fields" (or just "Fields")

     Form Fields (or more simply Fields) are the empty spaces where you can record data in a Form.  Some people call them "Controls" when talking about electronic forms.  We used to call them Tasks.  Form Field Types include TextBoxes, CheckBoxes, DropDowns, DateTimePickers, etc..  When you are building your forms you can choose what Field Type is used for any specific Field so that you ensure the user is entering the correct type of data in the correct Field.

"Completed Operations" being renamed "Completed Work"

     "Completed Work" seems like a better, more easily understandable place to go to see your recorded work history.  The "Completed Work" section of IC Online will have a listing of all the "Completed Forms" that have been filled. 

"Operation Results" being renamed "Completed Forms"

     This one is easy.  If an Operation is now called a Form, then it follows that a Completed Operation is now called a "Completed Form".

"Perform an Operation" being renamed to "Complete a Form"

     Another easy one.  It seems to make more sense to "Complete a Form" than it does to "Perform an Operation".  We hope you agree!

We hope you like these changes.  Please feel free to tell us what you think, as we always welcome and value your feedback.  In fact, customer feedback from valued customers is exactly why we are making these changes!

IC Online Change Log for Build 5.1.43

posted Mar 16, 2012, 12:46 PM by Christian Loew

Version 5.1.43 Published Feb 09/2012

·         New: CompletedOps page - Added a button in that allows you to merge all the PDF certificates of the operations displayed in the gridview into a one PDF file

·         Enhancement: ItemSearchPage – When you open the dialog "Update Selected Items", fixed the problem of the location dropdown that de-selected itself. Replaced that dropdown with a dropdown tree view and improved the dialog behavior.

·         Change: Error page - Modified the ("Our apologies...") to be more human readable and added buttons to copy the error message and send it to InfoChip.

·         Enhancement : Periodic Insp/Cert Scheduling Page - (Edit/Create scheduled email), fixed the Owner dropdown list to avoid showing duplicates. Also improved Owner dropdown and location and category dropdown treeviews.

·         Enhancement : Item Search Page & Completed Ops Page - Modified the gridviews to have an "Item Desc" column with a min-width of 150px to avoid displaying very tall rows because of long item descriptions

·         Enhancement : Item Modify Page - When you add a new item it will assign a unique ChipID to the item if you don't add one manually.

·         Enhancement : Item Modify Page - When you edit an item, now you can remove all the ChipIDs (no more message box saying that you have to have at least one), and add a unique ChipID automatically when you save.

·         Enhancement : Employees Maintenance Page - Added a more accurate validation for UserName. If you enter characters that are not allowed you will be notified by an error message and the row won't be saved.

·         Enhancement : Periodic Insp/Cert Scheduling Page: A blank report page will now say “No Certification” or “No Inspections” instead of being blank.

IC Online Change Log for Build 5.1.42

posted Mar 16, 2012, 12:44 PM by Christian Loew

Version 5.1.42 Published Jan 25/2012

·         Change: Dashboard - Modified the style of the Dashboard to match the new jQuery IC_Online style

·         Change: Help->Downloads Page - list only ZIP files for AD instead of MSI files. The ICMobile section has been split into 3 sub-sections and in the Utility section the "*" and the .NET version 2 files have been removed from the list.

·         Enhancement : Op Results Entry Page – Taking into account the module HIDEPASSALLTASKS to hide the "Pass All" button link.

·         Enhancement: Item Search, CompletedOps, UTISummary, Periodic Insp/Cert Scheduling Pages - Added toolbars for gridview navigation. 

IC Online Change Log for Build 5.1.41

posted Mar 16, 2012, 12:43 PM by Christian Loew   [ updated Mar 16, 2012, 12:50 PM ]

  • Enhancement :Download Page - Added a page called "Downloads" under "Help" menu that shows the list of all the files for AD and IC Mobile that can be downloaded (including HH instructions). The page is visible only for FullBlown clients and ICFREE. IC_FREE clients are not allowed to download AD files.
  • Enhancement :Item Modify Page - Fixed dropdown width in Item edit/add page, and in all the filters for IE8. The dropdown should expand and allow you to see the full text when it's clicked on.
  • Enhancement :Dashboard/CompOps Page - Added a new filter filed to the "QuickSearch" section of the dashboard called "Cert Ref Num". Searching for a CertRefNum will open the OpResultsPage filtered by that field and value. Clients with the module CERT_REFNUM_SEARCH will see this field. Clients that also have the DCLINTEGRATION module will enter the value in their cutom format (Example: C1-12345-2-1) but the filter will search ignoring the last part after the last dash.
  • Enhancement :Dashboard/CompOps/UTI Summary page - Load the refNums and custRefNums on a separate async task executed after the page is loaded. For users with a big list of ref nums you can see that the dropdowns are initially empty, with just a "Loading..." text.
  • Change :New Item Page - Added functionality for LEAFNODECATSONLY module. When creating an item this module forces you to choose a leaf-node category (a Category that has no sub-categories).
  • Enhancement :OpResults Entry Page - Setting item status to SCRAPPED when InspectionInstruction is set to SCRAP in the OpResultsEntryPage. Reset the cache so that the gridview will reload and hide the scrapped item.
  • Enhancement :File Upload Control - Fixed the file upload in Chrome and Firefox, before it was always giving an "HTTP Error" when you tried to upload a file in any of the pages that have the file upload control.

IC Online Change Log for Build 5.1.39

posted Mar 16, 2012, 12:35 PM by Christian Loew   [ updated Mar 16, 2012, 12:41 PM ]

Change: Attachments - Added support for more file types (most image & office doc types).

Enhancement: Item Search Page - Item Export button wasn't always visible where it should be.

Enhancement: Kits Functionality - various fixes and changes.

Enhancement: Item Modify Page - Couldn't view details of an Item with Child Items.

Change:   Item Overview Page - Had no ability to delete Comp. Ops when using Delete button.

Enhancement: Admin/Maint->Customers->Client Care - Upgraded to new File Upload Control.

Enhance:Scheduled Ops Page - Added default Filters and made grid sortable.

Enhancement: Tab Contols - Will remember selected Tab when navigating between pages.

Enhancement: Search Filter Dialog (IE8 & Previous) - Sizing problem resolved.

Change:   Dashboard/Quick Search - Shows proper message with no page load if Work Order doesn't exist.

Enhance: Completed Ops Page - Added Inspection Instruction to Search Filter.

Enhancement: Item Overview Page/Completed Ops tab - More consistant behaviour hiding Completed Ops when Item and/or Completed Ops are deleted.

Enhancement: Item Overview Page - Redirect now working when navigating away to "Complete Adhoc" entry screen, and coming back to Item Overview.

Enhancement: Item History - Included some new fields to Item History save.

Enhancement: Location Maintenance Page - Plus signs next to nodes now display properly.

Change: Completed Ops/Redundant UTI's - Stopped processing for CustRefnums and limited to Refnums.

Enhancement: Item Search Page - Generate Item Export now displays attribs used mutliple times correctly.

Enhancement: Completed Ops/Refnum Summary Page - Deleted Comp. Ops no longer figure into totals.

Enhancement: Completed Ops Page - Added Refnum & Custrefnum filters.

Enhancement: Scheduled Ops Page - Messagebox now displays correctly.

Enhancement: Item Edit Page - Change ChipID now removes ChipIDs without error.

Enhancement: Location Maint Page - Fixed "Wait" wheel, and defaulted first node to be selected properly.

Enhancement: Item Search Page - The Search Filter Dialog can use the enter key to "Search".

Enhance:Completed Ops Entry Page - Set some defaults, and SortOrder 0 will cause that element to be default.

Enhance:Periodic Insp/Cert Page - Upgraded to new Search Filter Dialog.

Enhancement: Completed Ops Page - Upload button on Attachment tab now behaving consistantly.

Enhance:Location Maint Page - USELOCATIONMAP module added with appropriate fields.

Enhance:Login Page - Added "Forgot Password" functionality (must have valid Email address saved in Customer Maintenance Page).

IC Online Change Log for Build 5.1.38

posted Mar 16, 2012, 12:32 PM by Christian Loew   [ updated Mar 16, 2012, 12:47 PM ]

- New:   Popup dialogs to filter items, completed operations and scheduled operations

- New:    Item Search - Ability to bulk modify the status of items

- New:    'News' panel to the dashboard

- New:    Created new custom login page for HMP complete with new Cert Headers/Footers and Top Banner

- New:    Maintain Customers - Added Email Address validation.

- New:    New/Modify Item - Added validation for Chips that start with 'ICHT' for HT2 Item imports.

- New:    Item Search/Modify/Overview - Added 'Kit' dropdown to the Filters, and Details section (for users with Kits module)

- Change: Category Maintenance - Restricted Add/Edit's only to clients that have the Module

- Enhancement: Item Search - stopped Navigation from happening when Row is clicked, must use 'Select' button.

- Enhancement: Item Search - Allow the distributor to bulk modify customer items

- Enhancement: Maintain Customers - When editing the HeadOffice flag for a Customer ensure the users' Roles are set correctly.

- Enhancement: Dashboard- Search Filter for Asset Number working correctly.Enhancement :Download Page - Added a page called "Downloads" under "Help" menu that shows 

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