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IC Desktop Build: 5.7.012 (April 2012)

posted Apr 24, 2012, 2:59 PM by Christian Loew
-  Enhancement - After scanning a chipID to find an item while doing a bulk location change now lets you click the item to add it to the list. 
Enhancement -  On Create Item and Perform Op screens, the comPort selectors for TestBench now correctly remember/update/set the values from Options.
-  Update - Modify how testbench xml file is written to fix issue with "use previous chart" function.
Enhancement - Fix drawing of graph to properly display multi-leg pulls (tests that have been paused).
-  Update - Put in some updates to help avoid "com port closed" errors.
-  Enhancement - Added support for local database up to 512mb
-  Enhancement - Made ItemsAttributes sync faster/use less memory